Thank you for your interest in visiting this page! Backroads Touring - Kansas is a growing group of individuals who enjoy the opportunity to gather and explore the many scenic and historical areas of Kansas. As a group, we embrace responsible operation of our machines, courtesy and respect to those who live in the areas where we ride, and personal safety in the form of helmets and protective gear.

The operation of Backroads Touring - Kansas requires fees being paid to a web hosting company and to third party service providers (bulletin board, photo gallery storage space, etc.).

*Web page design, photography, and overall administration is done on a voluntary basis.

Early in the development of the site, the decision was made to not require membership fees as a means of covering costs to keep the site up. So far, this approach has worked well ..... but running a website of this size and scope requires a small degree of funding in order to stay current and online.

We're hoping that individual and corporate support will enable this site to become a world-class destination for people wanting to see more of Kansas, and also provide a portal for those interested in learning more about off-highway adventure touring.

Your support is appreciated!

Individual Sponsorship Any amount is welcomed. Your donation will directly help cover the hosting and third-party service provider costs ... and continue with the growth of our sport.

Bob & Diana Morgan - Topeka, KS
Edward McLiney
- Kansas City, MO Jerry Lind - Great Bend, KS
Charles Williamson - Clarksville, TN
Glen Krause
- Emporia, KS Richard Booth - Smithville, MO
John Hein - Buhler, KS
Joe Hackney
- Sabetha, KS Michael Farmer - Emporia, KS
Terry Chilcott - Park City, KS
David McCune
- Independence, MO Steve Starkel - Bel Aire, KS
Mike & Becky Bright - Petrolia, KS
Britt Lolley
- Wichita, KS Phil Denk - Kansas City, MO
Henry Harvey - Douglass, KS
Travis Bonine
- Arma, KS Darrell Judy - Enid, OK
Brent Lloyd - Topeka, KS
RD & Mary Woolsey
- Derby, KS Rodger Davis - Cimmaron, KS
Raymond Henson - Wichita, KS
Gary Miller +
- Edmond, OK Lee Hymer - Ottawa, KS
Tom Woodward - Wichita, KS
Corporate / Business Sponsorship .....

A.) Your Logo On The "Home" Page Of The Backroads Website. Show your commitment 24/7.

A HyperLink To Your Website. If you have a site, we'll create a link to it from the home page.

Involvement. Riders support organizations who support them.

Corporate Contribution .....

We ask for a $20 per month, 3 month minimum. Sponsorship fees go towards web hosting costs, mailing programs, and promotional fees. To sign up, please mail us the following:

  • Your check for $60, covering three months of sponsorship
  • A business card or brochure, where your logo can be scanned and placed
  • Your website URL and any email addresses you wish to list.
Corporate Sponsors .... Please mail your check and information to:

Backroads Touring - Kansas
9631 Birch Lane
Wichita, KS 67212 USA

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